Salt, The Spice of Life

In life there is a need for sugar but also for salt… after all, it is no coincidence that we say “the salt of life”…. because the simple, humble salt is vital for survival. Another way to think of salt is happiness, those moments that make us smile, that give

New Projects

2023 was a very challenging year from a personal and family point of view and from 2024 I expected a change of pace and so it is happening. New projects take shape in different directions, but always with the common thread that takes me back to the territory, food, people,

Cooking is Back. Hands on Pasta

New Cooking Classes. A group of friends but not only, on holiday, discovering the beautiful and the good, the authentic Italian spirit and the culinary tradition of places unknown to most, but rich in history and culture. Yes, there are still places far from mass tourism, for a few, where

Healthy and Tasty Food. To celebrate, enjoy the company of friends, love yourself.

What people say