Cooking is Back. Hands on Pasta

New Cooking Classes. A group of friends but not only, on holiday, discovering the beautiful and the good, the authentic Italian spirit and the culinary tradition of places unknown to most, but rich in history and culture. Yes, there are still places far from mass tourism, for a few, where

Love Love Love Molise

Molise is shy, reserved, always away from prying eyes to protect itself, its territory, its traditions, its values, its rural past, rich in beauty. What I love most about Molise is its confidentiality and that Food and Wine world, simple, but of great quality and flavours, preserved and handed down

Collecting Tradition – Linens

My collecting crafts and arts from Molise is an addiction and I do like involving my friends. I do buy things by chance but sometimes I study to collect infomation so as to make good choices. One thing is certain, I am not at all influenced by trends and Molise

Healthy and Tasty Food. To celebrate, enjoy the company of friends, love yourself.