Super Cheese made in Molise

Cheese is a very nutritious food characterized by high quality proteins made even more digestible by the seasoning process compared to fresh cheese. Of course the amount of salt in seasoned cheeses is equally high and therefore it is advisable to consume fresh ones if a low sodium diet is

Not just Bread

Bread is obtained by mixing flour with water and salt and then leavening it, using natural yeast or brewer’s yeast. After leavening, the bread is baked in the oven until it is golden brown and has the required level of humidity. Natural Yeast is a mixture of microorganisms selected by

Ask for Evo in a Labeled Bottle

I always remind all my foreign friends to pay close attention to the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in restaurants and trattorias. Yes, because there are still some restaurants where you incredibly come across the anonymous “ampoule of oil”, especially if frequented by foreigners. I suggest to always ask

Healthy and Tasty Food. To celebrate, enjoy the company of friends, love yourself.

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