For several years I have been selecting quality food products for foreign importers. It has been a journey full of discoveries. Understanding customs and traditions, different cultures is fascinating.

And as always happens when travelling, I rediscovered my roots, the beauty of the places where I was born…. the food, the breathtaking landscapes, the peoples, the arts&crafts. I have created a selection of products that well convey the values ​​of my land, but at the same time have an “international twist, and I have designed food and wine experiences to offer Italian and foreign buyers or tourists the opportunity to visit Molise, have an authentic Italian experience and share the beauty of my region, Italy’s last great unknown!

In this adventure I am not alone. I have good travel companions at work and interested in the many experiences to be lived.

And I’m sure I can share all this with you too, who are reading me.

Maria Laura Pace

Project Consultant,
Laura Selection Founder

Renato Corradi

Doctor, Passionate photographer


Content editor, writer


Web designer, web cosultant