Splendor and Marble, in Larino.

There are very few Italian Churches that do not have an Altar or a Chapel adorned with marble decorations, sometimes coloured and marble inlay. They represent one of the greatest artistic expressions. Elegant and extremely luxurious works, thanks to the workmanship of skilled craftsmen. One cannot miss visiting the Church

Il Cardellino, my friends’ farm.

There is a place in Molise that belongs to a couple of very nice and eclectic friends. A Thai woman and an Italian man. They love nature very much and spending their free time in the countryside, in their farm house – Il Cardellino (the goldfinch) – where wheat, olives

Marinara and Chicory Pizza

I am not writing the recipe for preparing a Marinara and Chicory quality pizza, following the Italian tradition, because I have already done it – basic-italian-pizza-dough – thanks to the experience of the best pizza chefs known in Rome and Molise, that not only know how to make the perfect

Healthy and Tasty Food. To celebrate, enjoy the company of friends, love yourself.