The Mystery of Pampanella – Molise Street Food

The Mystery of Pampanella – Molise Street Food

An evocative itinerary among charming villages, not far from the coast, of the “region that does not exist” to discover its most mysterious food, an authentic street food: the Pampanella.

Several stories are told about its origin but, no one knows exactly where it comes from, however, a rare expert connoisseur of tradition and recipe will present us this succulent food, through its preparation that starts from marinating pork with mysterious spices, to obtain a very tender consistency of the slice. We will then move to an exceptional location to taste the Pampanella together with the best red that can be paired with it.

From: 11: 00-15: 00

Participants: min 8 – max 12

Available Upon Reservation.

Operated by ANATOLIA TourOperator.