It is just an Onion!

It is just an Onion!

Onion (white, red or golden), a bulbous plant that lives in the ground, is a very important food in Italian cuisine and not only. Sweet-spicy, sometimes pungent, it is rich in vitamins B and C, iron, aeolian acid, phosphorus, sulfur, anthocyanins, potassium, calcium and sodium; not only does it help us to purify our body thanks to the powerful diuretic effect, but it is also anti-rheumatic, maintains the elasticity of the arteries, protects the liver.

It should be eaten raw because the phenolic and sulfur compounds it is rich in, are sensitive to heat. If consumed cooked, it must be cooked over very low heat. Excellent grilled, boiled, fried or roasted.

Buying onion requires attention: it must be consistent, free from shoots and bruises, with dry skin. Storage is simple: a cool, well-ventilated and dry place, away from sources of heat and light. Never put onions together with potatoes …. they will deteriorate quickly! and never put the onions in the refrigerator … they would get moldy! unless they are cut, perhaps diced, and placed in the freezer to be used when necessary.

What about the beauty treatments that the onion gives us: it purifies the skin, fights acne and gives us relief in case of insect bites.

And it’s just an onion!