cooking on lemon leaves

Lemon Leaves

The lemon never ceased to surprise me What about the use of its leaves to flavor our delicacies perhaps by cooking fresh fish on the


They are there.  Almost we do not notice them. In the universe of everyday things, everyday. Useful. Futile They melt, almost merge with tools and


Clouds of ideas. Forms of thoughts.Footprints of things lived. Or imagine.Nostalgia of ties. Keep company. Traces of roots.Items. In which to recognize oneself.Like mirrors. Reflect.Child

Bone China (Renato Corradi)

Shabby Chic

Many objects that surround us, we use daily, help us to revisit the past, our life, awaken in us memories. Objects are traces, signs, emotions,


An attempt. It is the principle.Does not cover or hide.An accompaniment. Seasoning.Interpretation. Experiment.Complement and pure foundation. Embellishment. Ornament. It determines and becomes essential. Makes perfect.


Rice grains as tied together.                                         


Traditional recipe. Ancient. Result of sun and fatigue. Like a rain in the water. The flour is poured into its vortexes. It merges. In the copper

Crafts….in Molise

Ancient and noble. Proud craft. Patient work. Talk about its territory. Enclosed world. In the silent mountains. Isolated countries. Far from exchanges. County that does

Spirulina SuperFood

SuperFood defined as “food of the future” (UN World Food Conference) – is a microalga called SPIRULINA in the shape of a spiral, green in

La Cocottina

Wonderful winter, with the cold climate, the burning fireplace, the Scottish cover, the comfort food … and the coccottina, a discreet friend who gives us

Mint Tea – The Ritual

Tea is a special drink, different from the others because, when it becomes ritual, it allows us to see the greatness in small things. The

Dried Food

  The drying of food is back in fashion because it is easy, natural and vintage! The organoleptic and nutritional properties of foods are not

The Hummus Nutritional Alchemy

Hummus is probably one of the oldest recipes in the world. Probably born in Lebanon, it then spread to all the Arab countries and the


The Sheep Tracks

Memory inside an inscription. Origins in millenary tracks Spontaneous footsteps. Of ancient people. Follow the

Garlic Sauce

Peel the garlic cloves and remove the internal germ. Heat the milk and boil the garlic for about 10 minutes. Drain it and place it

Risotto con le Melanzane

Wash the eggplant, peel one, cut into chunks and blend with a pinch of salt. Slice the remaining eggplant and cook on the grill Finely

Flavoured Water

Put the ingredients in a glass jar. Cover with water and ice. Let it rest in the fridge overnight. Flavored water can be stored for