They are there.  Almost we do not notice them. In the universe of everyday things, everyday. Useful. Futile They melt, almost merge with tools and


Clouds of ideas. Forms of thoughts.Footprints of things lived. Or imagine.Nostalgia of ties. Keep company. Traces of roots.Items. In which to recognize oneself.Like mirrors. Reflect.Child

Crafts….in Molise

Ancient and noble. Proud craft. Patient work. Talk about its territory. Enclosed world. In the silent mountains. Isolated countries. Far from exchanges. County that does


An attempt. It is the principle.Does not cover or hide.An accompaniment. Seasoning.Interpretation. Experiment.Complement and pure foundation. Embellishment. Ornament. It determines and becomes essential. Makes perfect.


Rice grains as tied together.                                         


Traditional recipe. Ancient. Result of sun and fatigue. Like a rain in the water. The flour is poured into its vortexes. It merges. In the copper



The Secret Life of Paper

After graduating as a surveyor, I did an internship in Rome with uncle, architect. When Uncle Ugo finished a project, he would give the clients

A New Attitude

We are well aware of how bewildered the current emergency in our lives as citizens and professionals committed daily to defend initiatives and projects. These

5 Tips for Parmigiano Reggiano

Enjoy fresh cheese immediately when you buy it because it losees texture every each hour Take off the fridge hard cheeses before serving it to