Live a Unique Experience, off the Tourist Map!

Enjoy authentic Italian Food and Wine, Culture and Art. A journey  designed by Laura Selection to share the Love for the last Italy’s unknown – Molise, but not only.

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Brunch on the Trabocco

When spring and summertime arrive, I adore to be amazed by the charm of the Trabocchi while walking along the coast to admire these wonderful

Alfred is cooking Italian Meatballs

Alfred and Good Taste

Thanks for sharing Alfred! It is exciting and touching  to look at pictures and receive news from wonderful Friends who have visited (I would say

Tessuti lavorati al telaio antico

Unique Fabrics…at the Loom

The Artisan Looms have a great charm and still today give us refined and unique, precious artifacts. In the “arbereshe” villages (towns of Albanian origin)

Healthy and Tasty Food. To celebrate, enjoy the company of friends, love yourself.