Tomato Sauce with San Marzano


The San Marzano tomato is known and appreciated all over the world for its characteristics, which are enhanced by the transformation into “peeled”.

Blanch the tomatoes for five minutes in hot water. Put the tomatoes under cold running water. Peel the tomatoes, split in half, remove seeds, cut into strips. In a pan sautè extra virgin olive oil and onion (or garlic, peeled and crushed). Add the tomatos. Add salt and cook fot 5 minutes, stirring occasionally till ready. Add the basil leaves, whole or crushed. Season the pasta. Tomatoes should not very cooked but a little “raw”. It is possible, if desiderd, pass the blanched tomatoes with the masher.



1kg ripe tomatoes (San Marzano)

chopped onion or a clove of garlic

1 bunch basil

3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

salt to taste