They are there.  Almost we do not notice them.

In the universe of everyday things, everyday.

Useful. Futile

They melt, almost merge with tools and instruments.

Tureens in cupboards, among the pots and sugar bowls.

Geometric and severe.

Mawkish and simpering.

Round majolica, silver or precious porcelain. Tureens distinguish and elevate social worlds.

Each with its history. Precise

Memories of lives.

Echoes of new things. Imagined, lived.

Witnesses of a traveling art that brings colors, styles. Forms without a name.

They are white. Skilled hands leave marks. Oriental designs.

The insects of many colors, fly. Light, settle on the leaves, and colorful flowers bloom.

Blue, green, purple. Exuberant and dissonant. Bright red and magnificent. Jumpers and figures inhabit blue and purple villages.

They are interesting discoveries of worlds. They are fables of animals, forms of shells and pomegranates.

They are what they are, simply. They live their present.


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