From Rome to Termoli

Visiting the Eternal City – Rome – is a must: squares, museums, monuments, events, traditions and modernity. A treasure of art, history, beauty and Romanità.

Acigna Pizza from Larino

dogs love acigna pizza

Larino is the place where Pizza Acigna is made with just simple ingredients: durum wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, fennel seeds, sodium bicarbonate and

Thank you, Mr Huseyin!

thank you

Thank you Mr Huseyin for sharing the beauty of our region, Molise. It was a real surprise! I know. Molise is an unknown region, even

My Italian Friends

Jovanni tasting wine

It is well-known that Italians love good life (slow-life better!when possible), good food and “talking talking”. It is the Italian lifestyle that people adore. My

Molise by Bike

Molise by bike (Giordano Roverato)

Molise is a region almost unknown to most Italians. It seems motionless, still, far from the frenzy of everyday life. A bit like a beautiful

Brunch on the Trabocco

When spring and summertime arrive, I adore to be amazed by the charm of the Trabocchi while walking along the coast to admire these wonderful

Alfred and Good Taste

Alfred is cooking Italian Meatballs

Thanks for sharing Alfred! It is exciting and touching  to look at pictures and receive news from wonderful Friends who have visited (I would say