Festival of Bells – Sagra delle Campanelle

Sagra delle Campanelle

The “Sagra delle Campanelle” is part of the traditions of the City of Vasto in Abruzzo and is celebrated every year on August 16th, when Saint Rocco is venerated, Patron Saint of the plague victims, protector and healer of all kinds of epidemic disease.

The Saint is portrayed with the shell and the stick, symbols of the pilgrims, the plagues of the plague, the faithful dog, the “flask” made with a hollowed pumpkin and the bell symbol of the plague victims. The bell was used by the sick with plague to warn people about the risk of being infected by the disease.

Every year for people in Vasto buy and give a bell means to wish Good Health and more generally Good Fortune.

by CRETA ROSSA Ceramics Laboratory – Vasto – www.cretarossa.it

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