Butcher’s Broom Shoots, what a delight!

Turioni di Pungitopo (Renato Corradi)

Butcher’s Broom Shoots, are the edible part of a small evergreen bush (butcher’s broom plant) spread throughout the Italian territory and not only; ornamental plant, but also medicinal and considered a powerful “lucky charm”.
I love the wild Shoots of Butcher’s Broom, highly sought after by connoisseurs, that can be harvested in uncultivated meadows or in the woods in spring, from March to May. Similar to wild “asparagus”, less showy, more elegant and above all exquisite, they stand out for their bitter and aromatic taste. Their harvest, in some Italian regions, is prohibited, in others it is regulated. It is therefore necessary to practice responsible and ethical “Foraging”, sustainable and respectful of the environment, because nature must be respected and protected every day.

Butcher’s Broom Shoots are ideal cooked with rice, with typical Molise cheeses, eggs, mushrooms, meat, fish from the Adriatic Sea or in extra virgin olive oil or in vinegar as pickles. They never disappoint and are also good for our health because they are rich in essential oils, mineral salts, phytosterols, flavonoids, sugars, fatty acids and organic acids. Interesting also for their diuretic, anti-inflammatory properties and are used as a natural vasoconstrictor in the therapy of varicose veins and capillary fragility, increasing the tone of the venous wall and promoting blood circulation, thus giving comfort to heavy and swollen legs.

I prefer to think of “Butcher’s Broom Shoots as food in the kitchen”. I love the omelette with “country” eggs and freshly picked, tender and aromatic shoots. Sure it is a rare cuddle, but when it happens, it makes the day special. At the end of the day, simple gestures, small things are enough to appreciate Life.

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