How to Prepare the Infusion of Olive Leaves

Have you ever drunk the Infusion of Olive Leaves? Thirst quenching and healthy. It is easy to prepare and the leaves are easily to be found. The Olive Tree is rich in active ingredients (vitamins, polyphenols, flavonoids), extraordinary not only because it gives us, with its fruits, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and products prepared with […]

5 Tips for Parmigiano Reggiano

Enjoy fresh cheese immediately when you buy it because it losees texture every each hour Take off the fridge hard cheeses before serving it to adjust it to room temperature Do not throw away hard rinds of Parmigiano Reggiano. Store it in a freezer to use it when you cook a soup to add an […]

Alfred, a Great Emotion!

Alfred and Ann have honored us with their presence in Molise twice, after one year. I have hoped in my heart to see them again this year, if only for a greeting. Unfortunately the Virus (the unnamed) has revolutionized the world … at least for a while! Alfred was fascinated by the atmosphere of the […]

Butcher’s Broom Shoots, what a delight!

Butcher’s Broom Shoots, are the edible part of a small evergreen bush (butcher’s broom plant) spread throughout the Italian territory and not only; ornamental plant, but also medicinal and considered a powerful “lucky charm”.I love the wild Shoots of Butcher’s Broom, highly sought after by connoisseurs, that can be harvested in uncultivated meadows or in […]

Oleocanthal: the Precious EVO Phenol

Do you know that tingling or spicy sensation that is felt in the throat after tasting an Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Well, it is caused by a polyphenol called Oleocanthal. The quantity of the substance present in an Extra Virgin Olive Oil depends above all on the harvesting period being in greater quantity in the […]


Dear Friendsthis is an incredibly troubling time for all of us, all over the world, and there are no words to console hearts. Hope must not abandon us in trying to face difficulties with strength, tenacity, solidarity, without ever abandoning our less fortunate brothers. Hope must help us to fight for a better world; a […]

Dried Food

  The drying of food is back in fashion because it is easy, natural and vintage! The organoleptic and nutritional properties of foods are not altered and the food does not undergo any chemical intervention nor is subjected to the addition of preservatives or other artificial substances. In fact, the process of elimination of water […]

Lemon Leaves

cooking on lemon leaves

The lemon never ceased to surprise me What about the use of its leaves to flavor our delicacies perhaps by cooking fresh fish on the grill, wrapping it in fragrant lemon leaves, as if they were a foil! Exotic. Of course, you must always use kitchen string to keep everything together: the leaves must adhere […]

“Golden Rules” to make a delicious Risotto

Rice (Renato Corradi)

Rice is known by its grains: rounded, medium and long. The types of rice that are particularly suitable for making risotto are: CARNAROLI and VIALONE NANO. There are also varieties: “sticky and non-sticky”. The first are used mainly in Southeast Asia; the second – not sticky – are used to make risotto because they contain little […]

Porcelain – Bone China

  Porcelain and Bone China  are part of our history and of our life together with fabrics, furniture, glass, silver, jewelry and the other applied arts. Choosing a Porcelain or Bone China object, sharing with it the everyday life, deepen its knowledge is an emotion that surprises and amazes. Why not start collecting objects that […]